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FAQ - Personal Injury

We try to anticipate questions you might have about Personal injuries and provide the answers here. If you need additional information, call the office and speak with Mr. Barton.

Q: If I am involved in an accident, should I call the police?

A: Yes. With even a minor accident, the police will document the accident and assist in the exchange of information. If the accident involves serious personal injury, the information and investigation that the police will provide may prove invaluable in proving your case at a later date. If you are able to do so, obtain the identity of the other driver and any witnesses who may be able to provide the first-hand information. With cell phones available to almost everyone, a quick way to preserve information is to simply take a good photograph of the other drivers' license.

Q: The other driver's insurance company is calling me? Should I provide the information?

A: We do not generally recommend providing recorded interviews with the other driver's insurance company. These recorded statements rarely help you and can be used by the insurance company to deny responsibility, depending on what is said. We recommend that you contact an attorney for a free consultation before speaking with the other insurance company.

Q: What am I supposed to do as far as my own automobile insurance is concerned?

A: You should immediately report the accident to your insurance company. Your policy of insurance requires that you do this, and failure to report an accident can be a basis for denial of coverage. They will begin an investigation into the accident. You should be cooperative with the investigation and freely provide information to your insurance company. Unlike the situation with the other driver's insurance company, you may provide your own company a recorded interview.

Q: I need medical care. How am I supposed to pay for it?

A: Hopefully, you have PIP coverage (Personal Injury Protection). Maryland law requires PIP coverage unless there is a specific waiver in writing. The minimum coverage is $2500.00. PIP coverage is for medical bills and lost wages, and when you talk to your insurance company about the accident, you can inquire about making a PIP claim. The procedures vary from company to company, but the coverage is there for your use, without regard to fault. HINT: PIP coverage is available in amounts greater than $2500.00. Contact your insurance company and increase your coverage. You will find that the cost is reasonable, and you may need the added coverage in the future.

Q: But why should I use my insurance? The other driver was at fault. His insurance company should pay my medical bills.

A: The other insurance company, even if their driver was at fault, is not obligated to pay your medical bills as they are incurred, and it is rare for an insurance company to do so. They will wait until you are finished medical treatment to consider a settlement of your claim. So file your PIP claim and use it. That is what it is for.

We will continue to add information to this page. If you have a question about personal injury claims that you would like us to consider adding to this page, use the contact page to email us, or if you have been involved in an accident and want to speak with us about it, call the office. We can help.